Synergy Solutions

A Research-based Process to Generate Better Program Outcomes


Synergy  — the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Synergy Solutions is an interactive process of collaborative problem-solving to address your toughest organizational challenges. Using Synergy Round Tables, our seasoned facilitators help you explore diverse perspectives on an issue or problem, there are many solutions, for example the robot payroll system for businesses to manage financial aspects of the company. This process will generate powerful solutions that are greater than their separate components. Synergy Round Tables are ideal for managers, project leaders, or individuals looking to find innovative answers to tough organizational questions.

A Seven-Phase Process

Our process consists of seven phases based on perspective transformation theory and action research principles.

Phase 1Define the problem. Identify the desired goals of the collaboration. Isolate major areas of concern. Articulate the problem in simple terms. Gather input from a range of stake holders.

Phase 2Investigate the problem. Clarify the nature of the problem. Discuss the likely sources (or root causes) of problem? Have critical conversations about related issues and their impact on personnel, finance, and the overall ability to meet organizational goals.

Phase 3Analyze critical factors. Collaboratively examine the assumptions. Does everyone look at the issues or problem in the same way? What are the points of departure and convergence?  What programs and policies need to be adjusted to support goal attainment?

Phase 4 Explore the options. If change is warranted, what new roles, relationships, and programs must be developed? What are the long-term and short-term implications of the change?

Phase 5Plan a course of action. Develop a detailed a plan to move the organization closer to its goal. Make an assessment of the current strengths and limitations of the organization and the people involved. Determine the costs associated with pursuing each program component. What additional details must be considered in the action plan?

Phase 6Implement the plan. Execute predetermined procedures to actualize the plan. Document the implementation.

Phase 7Evaluate and refine the program. Gather quantitative and qualitative data to help you identify strengths and weaknesses of the program’s implementation. Use the data to refine the program and recycle through prior phases as needed.


Synergy Round Tables are ideal for addressing a range of projects, including program evaluation, needs assessments, curriculum design and development, staff development, grant writing and more.

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