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Self-Publishing Assistance

Are you interested in self-publishing? Let Center Street Consulting help you bring your project to life!  Our consultants have over 30 years of experience in writing, publishing, teaching, editing, research, mentoring, and curriculum design. We will work with you to present your work with clarity and coherence. We provide support from manuscript to marketing: Our

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Why do schools need action research?

Action researchers start with the simple premise that the situations under investigation are interfering with progress and stakeholders desire to find some way to improve them. Participants engage in collaborative processes to help them articulate how circumstances in their school community are “produced, reproduced and experienced on a daily basis” (McIntyre, 2000). To look at

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The Nature of Theories

Perspective Transformation (Mezirow, 1991), Action Research (Stringer, 1996), and Resiliency Theory (Benard, 2004; Henderson & Milstein, 2003) are frameworks with applicability to systemic change in educational settings. These paradigms represent our best guesses about what occurs in schools and how the variables work together. The organizational principles underlying these theories appear to be fairly universal.

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Website Development

Website Development Center Street Consulting constructs and optimizes websites. Rivertree Christian Chapel is one of our clients. A listing of other developed websites is available upon request. Our rates are competitive. We look forward to working with you.

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Social Media Marketing

“Social Media Marketing” is defined as the process of gaining website traffic through social media sites. At Center Street Consulting, we strive to utilize our creative and analytical skills to develop unique and effective campaigns on a variety of platforms that reflect the articulated values, goals, and objectives of our clients. Currently, our approach incorporates

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Phases of Perspective Transformation

Phases of Perspective Transformation Phase 1 – Identify the disorienting dilemma of this case. This step typically results from the convergence of several “disquieting” events or experiences that tend to upset the equilibrium within the organization and its stakeholders. What are some of the significant areas of concern presented in this case? Identify the most

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What Our Clients Say

Utilizing Dr. Reed's services "was one of the best decisions I have made on this doctoral journey."

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“Working with Dr. Reed was like taking an editing course. She explained what she was doing and why."

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"Lorrie C. Reed is a scholar with superb editorial skills and writing expertise of the highest quality."


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Dr. Reed "provided me with a heightened sense of understanding and direction for my dissertation."

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