Zooms and Webinars

Back in March 2020, though, Julius was right. Which is why we waited a year to write this article instead of knocking webinars when they truly were the industry’s best option.

Virtual event platforms like PheedLoop (or in our case, a component of a larger event management platform), have matured substantially over the last year with immense engineering, research, money, and time investments. Webinars, on the other hand, were already mature platforms and optimized for short and simple meetings, not experiences and events. Webinars are not highly engaging (and the engagement features they do have break down at scale), not optimized to drive revenue or sponsorship, not designed for networking and community building, etc. They’ll work, but they’re simply not designed for virtual events as they are for virtual meetings.

Pre-2020, almost no one had really taken virtual events seriously. Events, in large part, were executed the same way they had been for decades. Many would argue that virtual events are a fad, the result of a black swan event, and the world of events will return to the way it was before soon. Others would argue that virtual events are a trend, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic and that the future may be hybrid, but it’s definitely not absent of virtual.

Now with the technology growth you can promote your webinar thru other platfomrs. Learn the ins and outs of mastering TikTok growth, how to promote your business on the platform the right way, using the services to get tik tok views to promote, learning what content works for your brand, how to target the right people, how to measure success, and so much more.

Early on, virtual events were seen to be simply slightly better versions of a webinar and the default reaction was to turn to Zoom. The truth is, they were (and Zoom was, many turned to it), but 2021 will be very different. Back in March of 2020 though, when it was all a mad scramble, the industry certainly felt otherwise …


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