Systemic School Change Consulting

Center Street Consulting is proud to offer a series of workshops on systemic school change. Our model employs case studies to help you analyze key variables affecting most school settings. Perspective Transformation (Mezirow, 1991), Action Research (Stringer, 1996), and Resiliency Theory (Benard, 2004; Henderson & Milstein, 2003) comprise the major frameworks for examining change.

Our paradigm for school change assumes that relationships are the focus of organizational goals, pressures for change are persistent and intense, self-renewal is a key goal of the organization, standards are identifiable, and ecological balance within the organization is desirable.

As a participant in our transformational workshops, you will (a) assess factors that lead to harmful and counterproductive behaviors in schools, (b) analyze cases to identify areas for school-wide change and renewal, and (c) practice change strategies using a perspective transformation approach to problem-solving.

Additionally, you will:

  • Apply resiliency theory as a conceptual framework for systemic organizational change.
  • Employ perspective transformation to pinpoint areas in need of change.
  • Engage in action research to address priorities for change.


The focus questions for the workshops are:

  • What must the school organization look like if stakeholders are to interrupt and impede harmful and nonproductive behavior in schools?
  • In what ways can resiliency theory be applied as a model for transformation in school organizations?

We’re looking forward to helping you and your organization usher in meaningful change. Contact us for more details.

For justice and peace,

Dr. Lorrie C. Reed

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