Editorial Services

Academic Editorial Services

Center Street Consulting will work with you to determine a level of service that meets your customized needs. Our strength lies in helping you bring out the best in your work. We also provide a general critique of your document. Standard academic editorial services include copyediting, proofreading, typing, and transcription.

Proposal and Dissertation Critique

Our team of experts will provide a professional critique of research proposals and dissertations in education and social sciences. This will involve a review of the overall quality and feasibility of your research project.

We will review your document to ensure it includes a clear and appropriate background statement that orients the reader to the problem you are hoping to solve as a result of your investigation, a rationale for the study, which suggests why your proposed study is worth pursuing, and a clear and succinct purpose for your study, which explains exactly what your study will accomplish its research goals. We will also examine your research questions, definitions of your major research variables, and your study’s limitations or delimitations.

We will review and critique your literature review, conceptual or theoretical framework, methodology, results, and conclusions for the dissertation. Additionally, we will examine your formatting and review your references to ensure their adequacy and appropriateness.

Different institutions have different requirements for these research components. You should always refer to your institution’s guidelines to make sure you adhere to their requirements.

Routine Copyediting

Copyediting involves reviewing a draft of your document to correct minor errors in content and style. Copyeditors ensure that your document is clearly written and grammatically correct. This process requires careful, word-for-word reading of your manuscript.

Heavy Copyediting

Heavy copyediting involves reworking your document to reduce wordiness, replacing inappropriate language, and verifying format. In some cases, we work with you to rewrite sections of your document to improve overall coherence.

Developmental Editing

Our seasoned professionals accompany budding writers from initial idea to final publication. We strive to help you present your ideas in the best light. This type of editing often includes consultation with the author and substantive revision of a work in progress.


Proofreading occurs during the final stage of the editing process and typically follows copyediting. Proofreaders scan the document to spot and correct formatting and text errors.

Typing and Transcription

Typing and transcription involve keying data into a word processor. These data may come from handwritten or tape-recorded materials such as interview notes, field notes, or similar documents. The typist produces an electronic file as well as a hardcopy of the manuscript.


Center Street Consulting guarantees that no part of your work will be compromised, plagiarized, appropriated, or shared with anyone. Our editorial staff respects your confidentiality at all times. We acknowledge that we have no rights or claims on your work. You retain sole copyright, ownership, and control over all materials submitted for proofreading, editing, or formatting.

Agency Responsibilities

  • To complete designated editing tasks competently within the agreed time frame.
  • To meet reasonable deadlines set by the client.
  • To recommend alternative editing services if the material falls outside of our expertise.
  • To refuse work deemed unachievable within the specified time frame.
  • To refuse offensive assignments or those we deem beyond our abilities.
  • To refuse liability for any consequences of your content.
  • To complete editing tasks as accurately as possible.
  • To adhere to the formatting guidelines you specify.
  • To attempt to complete work within the negotiated price range.

Client’s Responsibilities

  • To review all edited work and accept or reject changes.
  • To decide whether or not to implement the suggestions we make.
  • To retain full responsibility for the accuracy and validity of your content.
  • To retain full responsibility for the structure and logic of your document.
  • To comply with copyright law.
  • To inform us of any local formatting guidelines required by your institution.
  • To read, understand, and agree to the terms set out on this page.


  • You maintain intellectual property rights to all work submitted for editing.
  • Your confidentiality will be maintained at all times.
  • Your files will be kept for up to six months after completion of the project.


  • We strive for excellence.
  • We aim to deliver a well written, well-edited, and coherent document in the required format.
  • If you are not satisfied with our work, contact us to discuss alternatives for meeting your needs.
  • We do not offer warranties of any kind, neither implied nor explicit.
  • Fees are associated primarily with labor and are non-refundable.


  • Full payment is expected before work begins.
  • Submitting full payment indicates that you have read and accepted the terms of this agreement.

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