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Self-Publishing Assistance

Are you interested in self-publishing?

Let Center Street Consulting help you bring your project to life! 

Our consultants have over 30 years of experience in writing, publishing, teaching, editing, research, mentoring, and curriculum design. We will work with you to present your work with clarity and coherence. We provide support from manuscript to marketing:

Our services include:

  • Editing
  • Manuscript Critique and Review
  • Book Publishing
  • Marketing

Manuscript Review and Critique

Do you need a manuscript critique? You just completed that manuscript you’ve been working on for so long. You feel confident that your work is good. After all, you gave it your best effort and poured your soul into it. Now what you need is another set of eyes to examine your work and give you some constructive criticism about content, structure, style, coherence, and clarity.

Center Street Consulting can help!

Publishing Services

Center Street Publishing, LLC, an independent publishing company, is a subsidiary of Center Street Consulting. Our mission is to help aspiring authors publish quality work at affordable prices. Our core values are honesty, integrity, quality, and excellence.

As a small, independent publishing company, we care about our clients and use the talent and resources of our professional teams to help you “let your light shine.” With our guidance, you will be able to share your message, realize your publishing dreams, and gain recognition as an author.

Development and Marketing

Your publishing package may include a manuscript critique, copy editing, professional interior layout, professional cover design, ISBN and barcodes, formatting for e-book or print, back cover text, author bio, press release, WordPress website, and marketing campaign, depending on your needs. You will also have opportunities to participate in book fairs and the publisher’s marketing events.

Project Team Concept

You will work with a project team consisting of a graphic designer, copy editor, literary development specialist, technology specialist, and marketing expert. We employ well-qualified professionals on our project teams. Each person is screened to fill a specific niche on your project.

Ongoing Support!

We support you every step of the way. Our prices are affordable. Package details are avaialble upon request. Ask us about financing your project in convenient monthly installments!

Contact us today for details!

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Website Development

Website Development

Center Street Consulting constructs and optimizes websites. Rivertree Christian Chapel is one of our clients. A listing of other developed websites is available upon request. Our rates are competitive.

We look forward to working with you.

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Social Media Marketing

“Social Media Marketing” is defined as the process of gaining website traffic through social media sites. At Center Street Consulting, we strive to utilize our creative and analytical skills to develop unique and effective campaigns on a variety of platforms that reflect the articulated values, goals, and objectives of our clients.

Currently, our approach incorporates measurable criteria to evaluate each client’s campaign. We monitor the data continually and adjust our techniques based on observed feedback from the target audience.

We can provide both social media and email campaigns to reach the audience on a cost-effective basis.

Our rates are competitive with other firms providing these services. We strive for excellence!