Transforming Middle Schools: A Staff Development Workshop Manual

Book Cover: Transforming Middle Schools: A Staff Development Workshop Manual
ISBN: 1508680094

A common thread running through recent research is the systemic nature of change in school organizations. Change affects every aspect of the institutional environment, having the potential to throw off balance the delicate ecology of the school as an organism. Until educational entities have a way of monitoring the comprehensive impact of change on school outcomes, schools will continue to operate with uncertainty, leaving largely up to chance what many people see as the one best hope for advancement for generations of young people. Such is the focus of the present book. The purpose of the workshops in this volume is to demonstrate a conceptual model for systemic change in middle school settings. The constructs presented are appropriate for all change agents, but the content will focus specifically on middle schools. Through the use of case studies, participants will examine relationships among key variables, including, resiliency factors, perspective transformation phases, and action research strategies for systemic school change. In addition, participants will be asked to (a) examine factors that impede harmful and counterproductive behavior in schools, (b) analyze cases to identify areas for school-wide change and renewal, and (c) practice using an action research approach to organizational problem solving. Action Research, Resiliency Theory, and Perspective Transformation are frameworks for examining the vitality of middle schools. As a result of participating in the workshops, school practitioners will: • Review the application of resiliency theory for systemic school change. • Employ perspective transformation to pinpoint areas in need of change. • Engage in action planning to address priorities for school transformation.


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