About Us

About Center Street Consulting

Our mission is to support the educational needs of leaders in faith-focused organizations.

Our vision is to develop and disseminate leadership resources to address organizational challenges in a post-pandemic world.

Our goal is to provide workshops, consultations, books, and other educational materials that fortify the connection between spirituality and leadership in post-pandemic organizations.

About the Director

Lorrie C. Reed, M. Div., Ph.D., is a seasoned leader, researcher, career educator, ordained minister, and systemic change specialist. Dr. Reed nurtures a passion for promoting healing, wholeness, and inter-generational resilience among people who are going through turbulence in their lives. Her current work stems from her professional experiences  as a secondary school teacher, public school administrator, university professor, and Christian minister. Her ongoing research concentrates on the linkages between leadership, justice, and hope in a troubled world. She is the author of several books and holds a Ph.D. in Research Methodology and master’s degrees in Educational Administration, Theological Studies, and Divinity. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother and lives in Chicago with her husband of more than five decades.

Chief Technology Officer

James R. Reed III is Director of Technology and Chief Information Officer for Center Street Consulting. Jim has a unique background in computer science. He worked almost 30 years with mainframe computer systems to include analyzing business problems using system analysis, testing and developing large mainframe systems and managing information system programs in mission-critical criminal justice related applications. He was trained at some of the leading computer science programs in this country. In 2002, Jim retired from a 26-year career with the Illinois State Police, where he served in various capacities, including Bureau Chief. That same year the Agency honored Jim with the Meritorious Service Award for his work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a project consultant with the NCIC 2000 project. Jim possesses a bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice with a minor in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Social Justice Professions Administration

Our contact information is as follows:

Center Street Publishing, LLC

P.O. Box 438534

Chicago, IL 60643-5035

Website: www.centerstreetpublishing.com

Email: [email protected]

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